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Chocotarian-One of the best confectionaries in town.One cannot stay away from the mouth watering delicacies that it offer! I tried the marble cake whick was fantastic, the balance of chocolate and vanilla was just perfect.worth a try.
Words are hard to find, when all that crosses your mind are images of strawberry laden cream,nutty cookies, cake dripping with glistening choccolate,colourful and decorative cupcakes, and a million other marvels whick she whips and bakes. it takes a Chocotarian of major callibre to make a non chocolate lover fall in love with it, and for those who savour it, well, its nothing less than a slice of heaven served on a dish.
A young talent with loads of patiences, cleaver tricks always up the sleeves. yummy sins are wat chocotarian always makes you lose.with each orders place,the heart was always satisfied along with the tummy.. Loads of luck for workin with love and confection
Chocotarian! The one shop that makes you sin more. The day i saw your fb page I was a fan right away! The dishes I've had have been a truly amazing experience.I would rate it higher than kj or cakes without a second thought! i wish you all the best in the future and hope your passion for confectionery never ends!